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At Wholehearted Collective, we employ a holistic, mindfulness-based body-inclusive approach to counselling and psychotherapy that emphasises the integration of soma and psyche or body and mind, in the healing process. Somatic psychotherapy offers a profound and holistic approach to healing and transformation. 


In couples counselling, somatic psychotherapy recognises that the body holds valuable information about the dynamics and patterns within the relationship. 


Through somatic techniques and interventions, couples are invited to explore their physical sensations, emotions, and relational patterns in a safe and supportive space. By bringing attention to the body's wisdom, couples can gain insights into their individual and collective triggers, vulnerabilities, and communication styles. 


Somatic approaches foster embodied empathy and compassion, helping couples deepen their understanding and connection. 



In individual counselling, somatic psychotherapy recognises that the body is a powerful resource for self-awareness and growth. By integrating the body's wisdom into the therapeutic process, individuals can explore their emotional and psychological experiences on a deeper level. Somatic techniques enable clients to access and release stored emotions, trauma, and stress, leading to greater self-regulation, resilience, and overall well-being. 


Whether in couples or individual counselling, somatic psychotherapy provides a rich and transformative path to healing, fostering integration, and supporting the development of healthier, more fulfilling relationships with oneself and others.

In the same manner that therapists are increasingly required to be trauma informed, we also require psychotherapy that is gender & sexuality informed. Our sessions are judgment and shame-free, sex-positive and gender-affirming.

We are currently offering discounted community rates in person in Murwillumbah or online via Zoom.

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